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ZeBeyond at the IEEE CAG Forum on Sustainability and Circular Economy

Regulatory framework, challenges and opportunities

CEO of ZeBeyond, Wiktor Dotter, was delighted to contribute to the 'Sustainability and Circular Economy: Regulatory Framework, Challenges and Opportunities' panel discussion, organised by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) on April 18, 2023. The symposium, held at the distinguished Hilton Stockholm Slussen Hotel, Sweden, gathered industry leaders to discuss pivotal sustainability themes.

ZeBeyond is leading voice in the conversation around integrating circularity aspects during early R&D stages. With an emphasis on creating a common language, Wiktor demonstrated how the intuitive SaaS platform model can standardise operations for OEMs, thereby reducing uncertainty and enhancing efficiency, as well as proposing the introduction of specific KPIs for circularity, asserting their potential to streamline sustainable transitions within industries.

The event underlined ZeBeyond's ongoing dedication to fostering a circular economy and sustainability. Stay connected for more inspiring updates as we continue to pioneer sustainable change in the tech industry.


About ZeBeyond

ZeBeyond is a global software development and service company (SaaS) company that focuses on creating a circular ecosystem by developing cutting-edge technologies to help manufacturers and suppliers make faster, well-informed decisions. Leveraging its extensive knowledge and expertise obtained over the past five years, the company provides ePOP to manufacturers to make data-driven decisions while disrupting the R&D process and ensuring the sustainable, efficient, and collaborative development of their products. ZeBeyond has established a broad set of relationships with multiple partners and collaborators including automotive OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, as well as sustainability life cycle centres and universities. For more information, please visit www.ZeBeyond.com.

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