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ZeBeyond launched into the market

ePOP launched to the market at the European Automotive Decarbonization and Sustainability Summit in Frankfurt, April 2023

  • The new UK-based software company released an Electrified Propulsion Optimisation Process (ePOP) platform which helps manufacturers and suppliers make data-driven decisions for eDrive platforms. This technology reduces R&D time while supporting the sustainability commitments of users
  • As manufacturers strive to keep up with ever-evolving emission regulations, the technology ensures they can make well-informed decisions for the business while achieving a net-zero impact on the environment


ZeBeyond, a new global company leading the way in providing innovative and reliable system level simulation software, was announced today at the European Automotive Decarbonization and Sustainability Summit 2023.  

The creation of ZeBeyond stems from a collective of experts in the manufacturing and automotive industries with a vision to create a circular ecosystem and solve the current gap in system simulation for next generation eDrive platforms. 

“Introducing ZeBeyond to the world represents a key milestone for our company. Our vision is grounded in our commitment to engineering beyond net zero,” said ZeBeyond CEO, Wiktor Dotter. “I am incredibly excited for the future of ZeBeyond and look forward to providing manufacturers with an innovative, reliable, and cost-effective set of tools they can trust for their products, ensuring reductions in R&D time while supporting their sustainability commitments."

ZeBeyond’s CEO is a Swedish resident, resulting in multiple collaborations with the Swedish Life Cycle Center and Chalmers University. Through these partnerships, the software company has had the opportunity to help Tier 1 OEMs embed sustainability into their early research and development efforts and ensure greener solutions for their systems.  

As part of the Summit announcement, ZeBeyond led a demo of their proven ePOP technology, a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that allows users to solve the performance, profit, and sustainability equation, while accounting for changing investment aspects including an assessment of the best strategy for each project, the costs and the environmental aspects...


The benefits of ePOP

With ZeBeyond’s Electrified Propulsion Optimisation Process (ePOP) software, manufacturers can:

  • Define the strategy for their eDrive unit and perform an early screening of the design by evaluating thousands of combinations against cost, efficiency, CO2 footprint, mass and range, across multiple vehicle drive cycles, types and segments. 
  • Reduce carbon footprint by assessing the rare earth elements needed. .
  • Evaluate the effects of other manufacturing materials on performance and costs in the early-stage product selection.
  • Due to ever-evolving emission regulations, technology ensures they can make well-informed decisions for the business while achieving a net-zero impact on the environment. 

“Over the past five years we have remained focused on developing ePOP, a technology that helps manufacturers get ahead of the competition by disrupting the R&D process and managing endgame uncertainty,” said ZeBeyond CTO, Bence Falvey. “Our data-driven tool set enables all parts of the business to communicate in a common language allowing for clear and objective decision making. This ensures faster development that is good for both the business and the planet.”

ePOP can be easily accessed through a downloadable program. More information on ePOP and ZeBeyond is available here. You can book a demo of ePOP here. For prospective customers and investors please contact hello@zebeyond.global.


About ZeBeyond

ZeBeyond is a global software development and service company (SaaS) company that focuses on creating a circular ecosystem by developing cutting-edge technologies to help manufacturers and suppliers make faster, well-informed decisions. Leveraging its extensive knowledge and expertise obtained over the past five years, the company provides ePOP to manufacturers to make data-driven decisions while disrupting the R&D process and ensuring the sustainable, efficient, and collaborative development of their products. ZeBeyond has established a broad set of relationships with multiple partners and collaborators including automotive OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, as well as sustainability life cycle centres and universities. For more information, please visit www.ZeBeyond.com.

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