About ZeBeyond

Navigating the disruption

ZeBeyond is a global software development and service company (SaaS) company that focuses on creating a circular ecosystem by developing cutting-edge technologies to help manufacturers and suppliers make faster, well-informed decisions. Leveraging its extensive knowledge and expertise obtained over the past five years, the company provides ePOP to manufacturers to make data-driven decisions while disrupting the R&D process and ensuring the sustainable, efficient, and collaborative development of their products.

Our leadership team

Wiktor Dotter

Wiktor has a corporate development background from OEMs & Tier1&2s where he has facilitated decision making for Board of directors of both listed and privately held companies. The ever changing amount of input parameters (sustainability, investment capex, profitability, electrification yes/No, etc) driven by a more and more volatile investment environment led him to develop tools just like ePOP, to enabling instant change of assumptions and instantly seeing ROIs or NPS of large scale investments into footprint or platform developments.

Bence Falvy

Bence Falvy has obtained his MSc degree in Electronic Engineering from Budapest University of Technology in 2006. With over 16 years of experience working in various functions of the automotive industry from simulation to control systems, production and end-of-line test development, Bence has maintained a strong system level view, and in recent years has been heading up development of the ePOP (electrified Powertrain Optimisation Process) toolchain.

Jeremy Richards

After obtaining his degree in Mathematics from the University of Warwick, Jeremy studied to become a Chartered Accountant. After a number of years in practice he set up his own practice specialising in management systems and reporting for growing companies. His role at Zebeyond satisfies his interest in setting up new systems, data analytics and the push for Net Zero.

Matthew Allen
Lead Programmer

Matthew is a seasoned web developer and software engineer with a track record spanning two decades. With a keen interest in user experience and a passion for crafting outstanding user interfaces, he has garnered extensive expertise in both server-side and client-side development.

Matthew's rich experience encompasses the complete software life cycle, including his involvement in the development of an award-winning software product. His versatile background spans various industries, including automotive, publishing, and supply chain design.

Having mentored junior developers and led teams, Matthew appreciates the value of collaborative work. He finds great satisfaction in closely engaging with customers and clients, ensuring their needs are understood and met