Sectors of ePOP


Automotive OEM

Modularity, EDU Strategy, what-if analysis

Automotive OEMs need to optimise their Integrated Drive System, find the best parts and materials and keep track of changing regulations. With all this to consider, it is often hard to know where to start. ZeBeyond’s innovative ePOP software puts years of experience, toolsets, and data at your fingertips – helping you to produce the most competitive EDU strategies and solutions for your designs.

Material suppliers

Steel, chemicals, fluids

ZeBeyond’s ePOP software helps producers determine which materials they need to keep abreast of regulations – and the competition. Additionally, ZeBeyond’s vertical communication tool lets suppliers talk directly to their customers.All this enables material suppliers to better meet the specific needs of OEMs, while playing their part in the drive for greater sustainability.

Automotive Tier 1&2

Fast screening of RFQs, start in the right place

ZeBeyond’s range of tools streamlines the entire Tier 1 & 2 design process: its ePOP software seamlessly optimises products, and its vertical communication tool lets suppliers convey their USP directly to the customer. These tools are invaluable for producers of automotive parts and systems that want to develop the cutting-edge designs that will put them ahead of the competition.

Energy sector

Heat exchangers, wind turbines, energy storage

The energy sector looks to balance model efficiency with the need for greater sustainability. ZeBeyond’s cutting-edge ePOP software helps optimise designs to manage these competing priorities. Additionally, ZeBeyond’s vertical communication tool allows suppliers to communicate directly, rather than via vendors, with potential customers across the supply chain.


ePower tools, lawn mowers, chain saws

Domestic tool manufacturers want the best designs, parts, and materials – all while keeping up to date with changing regulations. ZeBeyond’s ePOP tool helps manufacturers navigate this trade-off, drawing on years of industry knowledge to  optimise designs on each of these fronts.


Hybrid or full electric solutions for high tourque & range optimization

Marine vehicle manufacturers want to fine-tune their designs for torque, range, and efficiency. They also need to source the best materials and parts, while keeping up with changing environmental regulations. ZeBeyond’s ePOP tool seamlessly optimises marine vehicle designs on all these fronts, drawing on years of accumulated experience, toolsets, and data.


Multi rotor helicopters, aerospace turbine optimization

ZeBeyond’s pioneering ePOP software tool can consult a wide range of materials, parts, and technologies to produce a cutting-edge solution for any aviation design. This will streamline the design process for all suppliers:  allowing them to quickly optimise their blueprints for efficiency and performance, find the best materials and parts, and keep track of the latest environmental regulations.