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Big news: ExCEED - Excellence in Conceptual Evolution of Electric Drives

We are proud to announce having secured a collaborative project for ePOP to support the development of a next EDU generation toolkit, a modular family of machines, inverters and transmissions for future vehicle platforms.

ZeBeyond Ltd.'s role in the project is to enable Design for Circularity and ensure fact based decisions towards sustainable design facilitated through our intuitive ePOP platform.

Some of the modules this enables us to create include; to screen system candidates for Sustainability KPIs such as: LCA ☁ , Use of Water 💧 , Toxicity ☣ , Recyclability ♻ and many more.

We welcome JLRThe Lubrizol CorporationNewcastle UniversitySpecialised Electrical Machines DesignUniversity of Leeds and University of Nottingham into the ePOP Early Adopter Family  and look forward to learning and supporting!


More about the project here:

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