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Latest ePOP release: 1.7.7

Updated functionality, further plugins, improved multi dimensional filtering


Release 1.7.7 November 2023

The latest release of ePOP allows a number of different vehicle powertrain strategies to be considered. The major update is the ability to consider a range of different internal combustion engine (ICE) based options, including parallel and series hybrids, alongside traditional ICE only based vehicles which also allows the inclusion of torque converters (currently performance model only). In addition to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) this new functionality allows different powertrain strategies to be compared against one another objectively, and enables further studies into how electrified powertrains, or their subsystems, can be used modularly as part of an ongoing electrification process. For example, what electrified powertrain or subsystems can be used in BEV platform, but also provided further opportunities in hybrid vehicles in other applications?

A range of upgrades to the user experience when post processing ePOP simulation results have also been applied in this release. Of particularly note is the ability to save the set of outputs being investigated in the signal manager. ePOP creates a vast amount of information, but using the right information is important. This functionality allows you to export and import your preferred signals quickly and easily, meaning you can compare the results from new studies against previous with the click of a button.



Release 1.7.3 September 2023

Following on from the previous release, further updates have been made to motor import process. ePOP is now able to read Motor-CAD based motor data files* and import them directly for use in all simulations and analysis. Whilst the excel based data import is flexible for a range of different data sources, this streamlines the import process further. It that the motors used in any simulation within ePOP have an equivalent model in one of the market leading motor analysis packages.


This release also extends the principles previously applied to motor data importing and applies them to other subsystems within ePOP. Excel based data imports are now available for transmissions, inverters, internal combustion engines, as well as vehicles. This enables cross department studies that rely on a wealth of information for different sources to ensure that the data provided by their supporting colleagues is defined in ePOP using a quick and robust process. This eliminates the risk of mistakes in data entry, and subsequently erroneous results; simulation outputs are only as good as the inputs after all.

*requires relevant Motor-CAD license(s) to generate data files



Release 1.7.2 August 2023

Our latest release aims to make importing motor data into ePOP a lot quicker and easier. Previously, importing motors for use in ePOP was a laborious and time-consuming manual process. This update allows motor data to be introduced to ePOP using an excel based data import. This ensures that motors created via a wide range of different methods or software packages can be imported and used in ePOP studies quickly and easily. The defined excel import template ensures no ambiguity about the information required, and that correct data is used in all subsequent simulation and analysis. Once data is imported, the inverter matching functionality auto updates, minimising the work required by the user to prepare a brand new ePOP investigation in record quick time.

Work is also ongoing to enable native file formats from other market leading electromagnetic software packages to be imported as well, streamlining the process further. Watch this space.


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